Nedlaw at Cities Alive Conference in Nashville

Water the Key to Everything Green
Water is fundamental to life and to green infrastructure. At the 12th CitiesAlive® Green Roof and Wall Conference in Nashville, delegates will explore the many ways in which green roofs and walls can help manage our water resources more wisely. Participants will dig into the science of performance, explore the many interrelationships between energy and water, and investigate the most forward thinking designs and policies that fuel essential innovation in green building and infrastructure.

Presentations by Alan Darlington:

  1.        Water Usage in Circulating Irrigation Systems

Water is too valuable a resource to flush down the drain. How exactly do green roofs manage and control water? And how do they fail to do so?


  1.        VOC Removal by Living Wall Biofilters

Biofilters remove a wide range of air pollutants and significantly improve indoor air quality


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