New Biofilter Installation at MONDE Condominiums in Toronto

Photos/renderings credit: Great Gulf

Located in downtown Toronto, Monde Condominiums seeks to offer a unique blend of luxury and nature. This waterfront development by Great Gulf is targeting LEED Gold Certification and will feature extensive green elements, including three living wall biofilters in the lobby and two stories of landscaped open space.

The large 3-section Nedlaw biofilter, as the lobby focal point, supports the design vision of this unique residential building as an oasis-style living and also helps the development achieve the LEED Gold standard. As an active biofilter, the Nedlaw living wall will improve indoor air quality by removing VOCs and will also reduce the building’s energy load by supplying fresh, intake air for a fraction of the cost of traditional HVAC systems.

We begin our living wall infrastructure at Monde in February 2018. Read more about this cutting-edge property from Quadrangle Architects.



Three living wall biofilters in lobby.

Total area:  89 square metres (957 square feet)

11.1 m w x 3.8 m h / 6.6 m h x 3.8 m w / 5.7 m w x 3.8 m h

(36.4 ft w x 12.5 ft h / 21.7 ft w x 12.5 ft h / 18.7 ft w x 12.5 ft h)


44-storey residential building

12 Bonnycastle Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Developer: Great Gulf

Project Manager/Contractor: Tucker HiRise

Architects: Safdie Architects & Quadrangle Architects