Choosing a living wall can be an overwhelming decision not only because of the many options available. Splashing green into interiors is not difficult – if you are looking for a temporary decoration, these green walls may do the trick.

If you are inspired by the idea that nature can actually work with us and improve building performance, we encourage you to look for a system that has deeper roots, figuratively and literally. We invite you to explore our resources to learn about how hard Nedlaw biofilters work!

Leamington Municipal Office, Leamington Ontario


To learn more about our technology, plus earn credit, you can take our Continuing Education course for free, 24/7, anywhere in the world via AECDAILY.com. You can skip the test if you don’t need a credit, but we’re registered with over 30 professional associations.


We’ve developed informative White Papers on several topics related to how our Biofilters work, their benefits and how they compare to other plants walls.

If you are looking for information on any other topics, please email us!

Cambridge City Hall, Cambridge Ontario


Our Biofilter construction involves five basic steps: basin construction, applying waterproofing, installing the structure, applying the growth media and planting. Watch our Construction video presentation or view our construction overview below.

Biofilter Construction

Sifton West, London Ontario


Although each of our living wall biofilters is a custom installation, we do have general specifications which are a good starting point. Please contact us if you have plans that are ready for review.

System Requirements
Nedlaw Biofilter Specification

Edmonton Federal Building, Edmonton Alberta; Photography courtesy of Jim Dobie Photography


Don’t miss our Interactive Brochure that includes links to several videos – share this with your team for a comprehensive overview of our systems, including a project gallery!
Sheridan College, Hazel McCallion Campus, Mississauga Ontario


There is peer-reviewed research demonstrating Nedlaw Living Walls’ effectiveness at processing air pollutants like VOCs, which is why we refer to them as Biofilters.

We are in the process of compiling over 20 years of research into documents and case studies. Here are several that are now available. Please contact us for information on any specific area of interest.


We have completed research studies in conjunction with the University of Guelph. You can read the full reports using the following links.

Biofiltration of Indoor Air I
Biofiltration of Indoor Air II
Biofiltration of Indoor Air III
Elimination of Toluene and MEK
Biofiltration of Ammonia in Closed System

Sheridan College, Davis Campus, Brampton Ontario