Project Type: Government

Edmonton Federal Building

Designers: Kasian Architecture / Nedlaw Living Walls

This incredible installation is the focal point of the large glass public atrium – the newly added grand entranceway into the rejuvenated, historic building.

This multi-level, multi-sided living wall biofilter is the largest known indoor biofilter, covering 2,400 square feet. The living wall and combined water feature provide a calm and serene moment in the busy public space.

City Of Cambridge Civic Center

Architect: Diamond and Schmitt Architects

The first LEED Gold civic center in Canada, the City of Cambridge wall stands 4 stories high.  This project is just one of many that Nedlaw and the city have completed.  Cambridge also boasts 2 green roofs on this building, and has two other buildings with Living Walls.  The W.G. Johnson Pool, and their Public Works office feature our interior bio-filters.


Architects: Diamond and Schmitt

The Toronto Regional Conservation Authority showed its commitment to helping the environment by greening their indoor space with a Nedlaw Living Wall Biofilter.  This two sided living wall shows some of the versatility that Nedlaw offers.

Leamington Municipal Office

Architect:  J.P. Thomson Architects

Located in the lobby of the Leamington Municipal Office, this Biofilter living wall stands 7.7m high and 9.7m wide. The system can treat over 4 m3 of indoor air per second, and is a functional and attractive addition to the building.