Project Type: Offices

Edmonton Federal Building

Designers: Kasian Architecture / Nedlaw Living Walls

This incredible installation is the focal point of the large glass public atrium – the newly added grand entranceway into the rejuvenated, historic building.

This multi-level, multi-sided living wall biofilter is the largest known indoor biofilter, covering 2,400 square feet. The living wall and combined water feature provide a calm and serene moment in the busy public space.

John Deere Financial

Designer: comley van brussel

John Deere Financial in Oakville, Ontario completed renovations of its 35,000 square foot flex office space in late 2015. A primary focal point is a 5’ wide x 15’ high Nedlaw Living Wall Biofilter.

According to the designer (Kathy van Brussel), “Our vision board focused on grass, fields, nature, greenery. But the biofilter offered a far greater reward than just incorporating plants into the space, we could literally bring the outdoors in.”


Designer: Nedlaw Living Walls

Enviro-Stewards of Elmira, Ontario renovated 2,500 square feet within an historic building to double their office space. To provide improved air quality and energy conservation, Enviro-Stewards installed a Nedlaw biofilter which is integrated into the new HVAC system. A rain barrel collects rooftop rain water to feed the hydroponic wall.

Sodecia Global Tech & Automation Center

Architect: Endri Poletti Architect Inc.

Sodecia was seeking a sustainable design element for their new showroom space in London, Ontario. Endri Poletti Architect Inc. worked with Nedlaw to design this incredible, two-storey living wall biofilter.

This 640 square foot living wall biofilter provides cleansed air for the office building and provides a stunning focal point in this modern space.

The Remington Group

  • Located in the sales office of downtown Markham by the Remington Group, Markham, Ontario
  • A free standing two-sided wall that measures 7m wide and 2.5m high for an approximate area of 35m²
  • Natural light is supplemented by architectural fixtures
  • The 243 acre site is the largest LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)-certified project to date in Canada
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