Edmonton Federal Building

Designers: Kasian Architecture / Nedlaw Living Walls

This incredible installation is the focal point of the large glass public atrium – the newly added grand entranceway into the rejuvenated, historic building.

This multi-level, multi-sided living wall biofilter is the largest known indoor biofilter, covering 2,400 square feet. The living wall and combined water feature provide a calm and serene moment in the busy public space.

John Deere Financial

Designer: comley van brussel

John Deere Financial in Oakville, Ontario completed renovations of its 35,000 square foot flex office space in late 2015. A primary focal point is a 5’ wide x 15’ high Nedlaw Living Wall Biofilter.

According to the designer (Kathy van Brussel), “Our vision board focused on grass, fields, nature, greenery. But the biofilter offered a far greater reward than just incorporating plants into the space, we could literally bring the outdoors in.”


Designer: Nedlaw Living Walls

Enviro-Stewards of Elmira, Ontario renovated 2,500 square feet within an historic building to double their office space. To provide improved air quality and energy conservation, Enviro-Stewards installed a Nedlaw biofilter which is integrated into the new HVAC system. A rain barrel collects rooftop rain water to feed the hydroponic wall.

Sodecia Global Tech & Automation Center

Architect: Endri Poletti Architect Inc.

Sodecia was seeking a sustainable design element for their new showroom space in London, Ontario. Endri Poletti Architect Inc. worked with Nedlaw to design this incredible, two-storey living wall biofilter.

This 640 square foot living wall biofilter provides cleansed air for the office building and provides a stunning focal point in this modern space.

University Of Ottawa

Architect: Diamond & Schmitt Architects

At six stories high, this is the tallest living Biofilter wall in North America. The wall is located in the beautiful skylit atrium and can also be seen from outside the building.

The wall is fully integrated into the building’s air handling system and can treat 13,806 cfm of air. All of the building’s humidity is also provided by the wall and no mechanical humidification is needed. The University’s administration is seeking LEED Gold Certification for the building.

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