Maintenance Programs


With each Biofilter installation, Nedlaw includes a one-year maintenance program. We would undertake all of the activities discussed above. We offer ongoing maintenance contracts after the first year; for large walls, typical annual service is approximately 10% of the capital cost of the system per year.

Third Party

We provide comprehensive training to any third party – whether you choose to go with a local horticultural service or to train staff of an existing maintenance contractor. Rest assured that we will help you protect your Biofilter investment with excellent maintenance training. There are several national and regional programs that offer accreditation in the area of plant maintenance, as a starting point before getting into our training.


Having your own maintenance staff with horticultural knowledge is an asset, particularly if you choose a living wall biofilter for your space. We can easily train your existing staff to maintain the Biofilter. Over the years, we’ve discovered ‘green thumb’ individuals who are interested in getting involved; involving employees is a perfect way to engage and educate the very people who are reaping the benefits of better air quality and greener space!